Misunderstood Medical Words- a compendium

 Callum Gin explains what those words you’ve been fumbling really mean. Yield = high.

‘I got all the words, I have the best words’ – Donald J. Trump


Genu: collective noun for a group of genie

Uncus: an uncle with a multi-personality disorder

Target cells: terrorist groups that are currently under investigation

Supinator: A cyborg chef bent on killing Sarah Connor

Catalase: the enzyme used for digesting felines

Corona Radiata: the incidence in which a sunlight passes through a glass of Mexican beer creating a halo

Hippocampus: A popular, adventurous holiday destination for hippopotami

Optic radiation: the feeling you get when someone is staring at you

Retrograde ejaculation: sperm that have penchants for jackets from the 70s

Moluscum contagium – when the sweet deal you receive at the fishmarket isn’t so sweet after all

Gallbladder – The bladder of gulls

I cells – the cells that make up you

Pancreas – the classic case of the bent skillet

Barium Meal – the last meal of Alexander Litivinenko

Cardinal ligament – The Roman catholic priest that has a passion for holding bones

Hypersecretory – the most important secret you will ever be told